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Sentimental Farm

Start Your Homesteading Journey Today

A Dream Is Born and Lives in Grimsby

Sentimental Farm has been our home since 2002. We're Rob & Chris Croley. How we got here involves 30 years of moving around the Niagara Region until we ended up here, less than 5 km from where we grew up!

Chris grew up growing vegetables with her families, while Rob spent summers working in almost every kind of fruit orchard available.

The urge to get back-to-basics, to reconnect with the land and what it provides spurred us on a 3 year quest to find our own personal Eden. We found it nestled on the bench of the Niagara Escarpment.

Having always grown our food organically, it was a natural next-step to learn to preserve our harvest. We now grow around 70% of our own food.

We were blessed to have a number of mature fruit trees and grape vines already on the property, so fruit was a no-brainer. Learning jams, jellies and cold-storage came next.

The next step was a big one: Chickens. We now keep a small flock of free-range, organically fed hens, and one idiot rooster named Blue. 

After that, raising chickens for meat seemed like a good place to go.

Then came bee hives.

Then our adorable little dairygoats.

Then quail for eggs for meat.

We heat our home with wood, make our own home and body care products, grow mushrooms for fun and whatever else catches our fancy.

There are people who gasp when we tell them how much time and energy goes into our lifestyle, but the idea of getting home from work and plopping in front of the TV just doesn't cut it for us.

Does any of this sound familiar, or strike a chord with you?

Maybe you're a homesteader and just haven't figured it out yet.

Start your journey will be full of joy, laughter, a little heartbreak..but you'll never regret it.