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Sentimental Farm

Start Your Homesteading Journey Today

Doors Open 

We sincerely hope Doors Open will happen in 2022.  We have sorely missed sharing our passion for this lifestyle with the public.  Watch this space for updates.

Come out and explore the urban homesteading lifestyle.  

Third Saturday in September from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sentimental Farm is an example of a modern, urban homestead. The owners, Chris & Rob Croley love to share their passions for organic, clean living and self-reliance.

Things to see include:

Raised bed intensive organic gardening which provides 60% of the household's food.

A small flock of heritage chickens. Both egg-laying and meat varieties.

Coturnix quail raised for eggs and meat.

Bee colonies

Nigerian Dwarf goats

Demonstrations of homesteading skills

Guided tours of the homestead will be given throughout the day.

Demonstrations throughout the day will highlight some of the skills used on the homestead.

Demonstration Schedule:

10 a.m.: The Goat Show! A chance for you and your children to meet and interact with Nibbles, Sunshine anfd JJ the super goat, our Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Learn about these fascinating little dairy animals close up. If Nibbles cooperates, we'll even milk her.

Noon: Wood-fired oven demonstration: We'll be baking delicious tomatoes and goat cheese al Forno.    

2 p.m.: Cider pressing. Learn and help press apple cider...and of course taste the results of all your hard work!